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Noman Ali Digital Marketing Expert in Pakistan


MajorSearch Engine Marketing

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AreaNewYork, Australia, London, Dubai



I am passionate internet marketing person, taking each of your emerging or existing product as challenge to legitimize product’s supremacy in its target area.

Noman and his team have been working on improving the on-page and off-page SEO for Yello and doing a great job. We are seeing increased and more relevant traffic to our site and steadily increasing in rankings. I would recommend Noman and his team for SEO anytime.

Why you are looking for ME?

My motivation is my challenge to get you on top of searches. After graduation in Software Engineering I started web development soon I realized I can do far better than this and moved towards SEO/ SMO and online marketing consultancy. Since then SEO and its umbrella activities are my passion I love doing it. I have acquired expertise with a no of successful projects. Analysis and interpretation of search engine algorithm to hit the specific keyword phrases is the core requirement that we need from the beginning till the end. I have good command over both these with my past experiences. Moreover, augmentation of social media incorporation with conventional SEO gives me a cutting edge over others.


I have gathered my work experience in this companies
2008 - Date


SEO/SMO and Web Strategist, CMS Developer

As a Freelancer I have done many SEO and Wordpress projects. I have a small team of link builders and Developers.

2010 - Date


SEO Manager

Startrum US based software and application development company helping clients in all over the world.

2009 - 2010

Salsoft Technologies

Professional SEO Guy and CMS Blog Developer

Salsoft Technologies Pakistan based software development company helping clients in all over the world. Projects handled: Avenue Social, Social Jitney, Logo Bench

2008 - 2010

Scube Solution

Junior SEO and CMS Developer

Scube Solution is Pakistan based SEO company helping different clients in all over the world


My Past education
2006 - 2009

University of Karachi

BS in Software Engg

I have done my BS software engg in 2009 from UOK

2004 - 2005

Govt. National College

Intermediate in Pre-Engg

I have studied my Pre-Engg courses from National college Karachi

1992 - 2003

Nasra Higher Secondary School

Junior Classes

I enjoyed my junior level studies at Nasra Higher Secondary School


My practical skills and knowledge


As I started career with web development, I also have sound knowledge of layout and UI designs. UI interface involves firm grip over HTML, CSS, JQuery and conventional JavaScript. Recently I have ventured a responsive layout for my client.


Management of projects from beginning till the end, coordinating the design graphic design team is the activities I am good at. Rapid development tools utilizations like WordPress for blogging sites, Joomla for CMS based apps and PHP website development are my expertise in web development.

Inbound Marketing SKILLS

Search engine optimization and set of umbrella activities under it are my piece of cake. Analyzing things deeply and incorporation of analysis with Intuitive ideas, in combination to my passion has leaded me to develop certain new approaches of marketing. As I am chain breaker to tradition, I have developed certain innovative patterns to work on and achieve goals as quickly as others on claim of.

With traditional SEO activities like keyword research and analysis, site analysis, competitor and market analysis I have Social media optimization and its strategic planning, SEO competitive intelligence strategy, online branding and reputation management, are concurrent activities I carry on every project to augment optimization process.

While to keep track I have an eye upon web analytics and continuous performance monitoring and tracking on daily basis. One important thing I always pay special attention on is Google’s policy and terms so that client never has face penalization on any change of Google’s search engine algorithm. All this has enabled me so distinctive results and appreciation from happy clients.

Now Lets rate according to my skills and knowledge.

Online Marketer

9 out of 10
8 out of 10
Lead Generation
8 out of 10
Business Development
7 out of 10


Core PHP
6 out of 10
8 out of 10
7 out of 10
7 out of 10


My Latest Work Gallery

Here I managed to list down my work, Some of my work is hidden due to agreements but i am sure you will found all my skills here.

SEO work

CMS Web and Blog Development Work